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A first-of-its-kind, interactive analytics platform enabling organizations to see the impact of skills on pay for the digital industry


When rewarding digital talent, take a SkillsVue

Technology has disrupted traditional business models and increased the demand for digital talent. As the digital economy moves at a rapid pace, digital talent is scarce and in high demand everywhere. The skills driving value to an organization can change frequently, leaving traditional job classifications unable to adapt.

As skills become the make-or-break factor in talent sourcing, the competitive pay data delivered through traditional means needs to be revisited to include a hassle-free, skill-aware benchmarking experience that can be repeated year over year. Whether for talent acquisition, talent development or effective reward strategy design, the lack of reliable skill-based views of traditional reward and talent management applications has become a challenge: Skills data are patchy, use inconsistent taxonomies, often lack robustness or granularity and are difficult to reconcile across multiple sources with any kind of consistency, making it hard for reward practitioners to factor this into their annual compensation planning or even inform talent acquisition decisions.


To help address those challenges, reward professionals can now choose to go beyond role-based compensation frameworks and use SkillsVue.

Built on a foundation of robust compensation data from our Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent survey, our exclusive technology addresses all aspects of collecting, extracting, classifying, mapping and analyzing skill data to represent the most complete vision to date for skill-based compensation.


SkillsVue will become available in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States toward the end of 2019, with expansion to additional countries globally planned for 2020.