Deadline: December 16th

Each Project Roadblock sponsorship opportunity must be reviewed and approved on an individual, case-by-case basis. This process is necessary to ensure that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Ad Council are comfortable with the proposed sponsor’s brand, product, etc. Below please find both suggested sponsor industries for your consideration and also business categories that have already been deemed unacceptable for sponsorship of Project Roadblock:
Suggested Sponsors: Unacceptable Sponsors:
Car Dealerships 
Alcohol and tobacco products
  (e.g. Budweiser)
Taxi or Ride-share Companies  
Pharmaceuticals (in most cases)
Towing Companies       Law Firms and Attorneys
Collision repair or body shops   
Insurance Companies Casinos
Supermarkets Bail bondsmen
Alcohol or Beverage Distributors
Smoke and Vape Shops
Health care providers or hospitals

Any for-profit lobbying groups, organizations,
or other groups that clearly conflict with or are counter to the PSA's message

Local highway security or  sheriff's department
Construction or repair companies              
Instructions for Sponsoring
1.  Please complete the necessary fields in the application below.  Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and the campaign team at the Ad Council will be notified.
2.  The Ad Council will review proposed sponsorship submissions and respond via email within 3 business days to confirm NHTSA clearance.

3.  If the sponsorship meets NHTSA’s specifications, the Ad Council will send an approval email:
For sponsorable TV ad requests: the approval email will include a link to download the Apple Pro Res HD video files intended for broadcast use only.Then, you can insert the sponsor's logo into the space provided on the end card. The existing logos and audio tracks must remain as-is.
To preview the TV creative on which your sponsor logo will be appended, please refer to the sponsorable versions at:

For sponsorable static Banner requests: you must upload and submit the proposed sponsor's logo within your application. If approved, the Ad Council will insert the logo into the chosen creative and return a  jpeg in addition to a 1x1 DCM tag for website tracking. All digital banners will direct traffic to the campaign homepage (
To preview the banner(s) on which your sponsor logo will be appended, please refer to the sponsorable versions at:
To increase visibility in both the TV and Banner ads, the sponsor logo should meet the following guidelines:
- White or Grayscale
- 700x700 px minimum
- A vector file (ai or eps) or a png with transparent background.

Please see the samples below. 
Note: You will not be able to download the "sponsorable PSAs" from the website because you must request them by submitting this form. The videos posted are for previewing purposes only.
TV Endcard Static Banner
PRB Banner sample

4. Once you receive the approval email and the requested files, you have approval to start running the ads paid for by the advertiser or provided by your station. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact:
Milan Genovese ( and Diego Villegas (