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My Bubbie's Apron

My mother’s mother, affectionately called Bubbie, was an active sewer all of her life. She loved to make beautiful dresses and blouses for my sister and mother.

She actually made her own lace. I remember watching her work under a magnifying lamp, pulling and knotting individual threads one at a time, to create the most intricate patterns. When I married, she began giving my wife the most lovely aprons, that she had made.

While I am not an apron expert, I thought they were very nice and my wife was particularly fond of the many features my Bubbie designed into then (reversibility, snaps on the shoulders, fabric ties, etc.) They became very popular in Savannah and as her eyesight faded and lacework became difficult, she made more and more aprons for friends and charities.

When my Bubbie passed away, my mother thought it would be terrific if we could keep “Bubbie’s Apron” alive, by sharing the pattern with anyone that wanted it. I thought it was a great idea, but like so many great ideas, it got pushed to the backburner by day-to-day life. When the team here at Fabric.com suggested they could offer Bubbie’s Apron pattern as a free download, I was thrilled!

I share it with you as she would have happily done, with love and the hope that it brings a bit of warmth and happiness into your life and the lives of those you choose to share it with.

Fondly, Stephen Friedman

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