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Fabric.com has quite of bit of creative talent on staff and we have been working hard to start bringing you free pattern downloads. Jennifer in our customer care division is a certified pattern maker and she has been creating patterns of our favorite fashions.

Our first download is my version of a skirt that I purchased from a well know fashion retailer. It is made with medium weight cotton lycra jersey and has a super comfortable folded “yoga” style waist.

After making my first skirt I quickly realized that this could also be worn as a top or a dress by simply unfolding the waist and adjusting the body position. The skirt and waistband length can easily be adjusted as well. Wow…What about a tennis skirt, maternity dress, a beach cover up? It is all here in this staple of a pattern!

This pattern is easy, quick and always in style. Please enjoy and post your version of the “Nancy” dress in our photo gallery.

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